Download JNTU All Branches R-05 Previous Question Papers Mega Database

Download JNTU All Branches R-05 Previous Question Papers Mega Database

Advanced communication skills
Advanced Computer Architecture
Advanced computing concepts
Advanced Control systems
Advanced Data Structures
Advanced Data stuctures and Algorithms
Advanced structural analysis
Aerospace Propulsion-I
Aerospace vehicle structures-I
Aircraft Engineering and drawing
Aircraft Production Technology
Analog Communications
Analog Communications
Analog Communications
Analog communications
Analysis of linear systems
Analytical Chemistry
Analytical Techniques in Bio Technology
Anatomy and Physiology
Antennas and wave propogation
Applied Chemistry
Applied Chemistry and Bio-Chemistry
Applied MEchanics
Applied Physics
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial neural networks
Artificial neural Networks
Automata and compiler design
Automation in Manufacturing
Automation of industrial process
Automobile Engineering
Automotive engines
Basic Clinical sciences
Basic clinical sciences-I
Basic ELectrical Engineering
Basic electronics
Basic industrial biotechnology
Basic structural steel design and drawing
Basics of telematics
Bio chemical thermodynamics
Bio medical signal processing
Bio transducers and applications
Biochemical engineering
Biochemical reaction engineering
Biofluids and mechanics
Biological control systems
Biomediacl instrumentation
Biomedical instrumentation
Bioprocess engineering
Building Material And Construction
Building Planning And Construction
Building Planning and Drawing
Building Planning and Drawing
Calibration and electronic measurement
Calibration and Electronic Measurements
Cell biology
Cellular and mobile Communication
Chemcial reaction engineering-I
Chemical engineering thermodynamics-I
Chemical engineering thermodynamics-II
Chemical Reaction engineering-II
Chemical technology
Compier design
Compiler design
Computer Graphics
Computer graphics
Computer graphics
Computer NEtworks
Computer Networks
Computer Organization
Computer Programming and numerical methods
Computer Programming for Bio-Technologists
Concrete technology
Control Systems
Control systems
C-Programming and data structures
Data and computer communication
Design of machine elements
Design of machine members-II
Desing and drawing of hydraulic structures
Digital computer systems
Digital IC apllications
Digital logic design
Digital signal processing
Digital signal processing
Distributed databases
Distributed databases
DSP PRocessors and architectures
Dynamics of Machinery
Dynamics of machinery
Electromagnetic Interference And Compatibility Techniques
Electrical And Electronics Engineering
Electrical and electronics engineering
Electrical and electronics engineering
Electrical and electronics measurements
ELectrical Circuits
Electrical Engineering
Electrical engineering
Electrical Machines2
Electrical machines-II
Electrical machines-III
Electrical measurements
Electrical technology
Electromagnetic Waves and TransmissionLines
Electromagnetic waves and transmissoin lines
ELectronic Circuit Analysis
Electronic Devices and circuits
Embedded and Real time systems
Embedded and real time systems
Embedded Systems
Embedded systems
Embedded Systems
Energy engineering
Engineering CHemistry
Engineering Graphics
Engineering Mechanics
Engineering MEchanics
Engineering Physics
Environmental Biotehcnology
Environmental engineering-I
Environmental Studies
Environmental Studies
Environmental studies
Environmental studies
Environmental Studies
Environmental studies
Environmental studies
Estimating quantity survey and Valuation
Fertilizer Technology
Fertilizer technology
Finite Element methods
Flight Mechanics-I
Fluid Mechanics
Fluid mechanics and heat transfer
Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machinery
Fluid mechanics for chemical engineering
Fluidization engineering
Formal languages and automata theory
Fuels furnaces and refractories
Fundamentals Of Biology
Genetic engineering
Geo Technical Engineering
Geotechnical engineering
Ground Water Development And management
Heat transfer
Heat treatment technology
High voltage engineering
Hospital system management
Human computer interaction
Human Computer Interaction
Hydraulic machinery and systems
Hydraulics and hydraulic machinery
Hydraulicsand Hydraulic Machinery
Industrial instrumentation
Industrial instrumentation
Industrial Instrumentation
Industrial Management
Industrial management
Industrial management
Industrual Instrumentation
Information Security
Information security
Instrumental methods Of analysis
Instrumentation and control systems
instrumentation components
Introduction to chemical engineering
Introductoin to aerospace Transportation systems
Iron making
Kinematics of machinery
Laser and fiber optics in medicine
Linear and digital applications
Linear and Digital IC Applications
Linear and digital IC applications
Linear and digital IC applications
Linear and discrete systems analysis
Linear IC Applications
Machine Drawing
Machine tools
Machine tools
Management science
Management science
Management science
Mass transfer and seperation
Mass Transfer operation -II
Mass transfer operation-I
Material science for chemical engineers
Mathematical MEthods
Mathematical modeling and stimulation
Mathematics for aerospace engineering
Mathematics For Bio-Technologists
Mechanical metallurgy
MEchanical unit operations-I
mechanics of fluids
Mechanics of fluids
Mechanics OF Solids
Mechanisms and mechanical design
Medical Imaging techniques
MEtallurgical Analysis
Metallurgical Thermodynamics
Metallurgy and material science
Metrolgy and surface engineering
Microprocessors and interfacing
Microprocessors and interfacing
Microprocessors and microcontrollers
Microprocessors and microcontrollers
Microprocessos and interfacing
Microwave engineering
Middleware Technologies
Middleware technologies
Mineral dressing
Molecular biology
Network Analysis
Neural Networks
Neural networks
Non Conventional Sources Of Energy
NUmerical Methods
Object oriented analysis and design
Object oriented analysis design through uml
ObjectOriented Programming ECE
oop throug java
OOP through java
oops through java
Operating systems
Operations research
Optimization techniques
Optoelectronic and laser implementation
Organic Chemistry
Pavement Analysis and design
Petroleum and petrol chemical technology
Physical CHemistry
Polymer technology
Power plant and turbo machinery
Power Systems-1
Power systems-I
Power systems-II
Prestressed Concrete
Prime movers and mechanical components
Principles of communication
Principles of communications
Principles of communications
Principles of machine design
probability and statistics
Probability And Statistics
Probability and statistics
Proccess Engineering Principles
Process dynamics and control
Process heat transfer
Production Planning and Control
Production technology
Pulse And Digital Circuits
Pulse and digital circuits
Pulse and DigitalCircuits
Robotics and Automation
Satellite Communication
Semiconductor devices and circuits
Sensors and signal conditioning
Signals and systems
Software Engineering
Software engineering
Software Testing Methodologies
Strength Of materials
Strength of materials-II
Strengthof Materials-2
Structural Analysis
Structural Analysis-1
Structural analysis-I
Structure analysis-II
Switch gear and protection
Switching theory and Logic Design
Telecommunicatoin Switching systems and networks
Thermal Engineering-1
Thermal engineering-I
thermodynamics and kinematics
Total Quality Management
Transportation engineering
Unix programming
Utilization of Electrical Engineering
VLSI Design
vLSI Design
Water resources engineering
Water resources engineering-II
Watershed Mangement
Wireless Communications and networks



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