Tips to Write the JNTU & other university exams.

i hope this post is helpful to some one who are afraid about there university exams....
lets go through the following simple tips....

* First make a summery notes on every unit in every subject.

* go through the previous question papers and see , how the questioning is .

* impress the examiner with your paper presentation. ( its not necessary that your handwriting should be very good, but it should be understandable )

* if you want to write any question first think of it once and write the answer providing side and main headings.

* try to draw the appropriate diagrams for the selected question.

* it is better to choose the questions, which are having waveforms , figures and block diagrams etc., which gives the perfect info about the matter what you wrote in the answer, then it is simple for the examiner to correct your paper.

* don't give improper and not related answers.

* Follow the standard books .

* don't hesitate or don't feel tense while entering the exam hall.

* before writing the answers once go through your question paper and select the questions, for which you can write the appropriate answer.

* don't fear to express in the answer sheet.

* be confident and hope for the best, Finally success is yours.....

All The best to all TeChNoCrafts of the society. 


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