How To Score High Marks in University Examinations?

You can easily get 56% to 60% with non-standard text books, but that percentage spoils your career. Reading of standard text book means understanding of subject and makes you present in different manner.

According to me “Passing of university exams is easy, Scoring high marks are difficult” 
Here we are giving scoring tips for u, To increase your percentage
1) Examination presentation is different from subject preparation. Even you prepared from non-standard kind of material that should not reflect in your examination paper

2) If you answer two or three questions from standard textbook., definitely you can understand the way of writing and you will present other two questions in that manner (Even though you prepared from non-standard text book).

3) Draw diagrams from standard (or prescribed) text books because non-standard books modifies original figures (Due to copy right problem)

4) At least prepare three units from standard book (If not possible go for two units)

5) Better to select small units (eg: Unit VIII of SE, Unit V of Java etc) and prepare all units from those units (You need to prepare in such a manner that you can answer any kind of question from that unit)

6) Some of the questions are indirect in nature, identify central point (Crux) of the question then start answer.

7) Your Exam is for 3 hours

* First 10 minutes are useful to select which questions to answer and use that time for plan of action (This process reduces your exam tension)

* Select best answer that you can present from given 8 questions (16 Marks, both a and b are required to answer)
* Answer that question in 40 minutes

* Answer remaining four questions (each question in 30 minutes)

* 10+40+120=170 Minutes

* Review your answers in last 10 minutes. (Don’t go for many corrections)

* In general, students waste their time in answering first question. It helps you to get few marks, because if you answer any other question in that time it helps you to score more.

* Programming kind of question means first explain the problem briefly, write the program, give the output and explain the program in detail (or brief based on marks)

* Answering point wise is useful only when you are confident about that answer (All the points are from standard book and relevant to the question). Don’t give scope for the valuer that you missed some points.

* Usage of underlines and color pens/pencils is based on your preparation (No need to worry about those things)

8) IMPORTANT: Don’t get disappointed or panic if the paper is difficult, use first 10 minutes to relate your knowledge to those questions.

9) Paper is difficult means that Set is difficult for all the students, if you attempt that Set by relating some points to the questions you will score high.

  • Sometimes, students have idea on answer but often they left question, because they don’t know how to relate with indirect questions. Let me give an example for this
Consider SE exam and a student prepared answer for the following questions in Unit VIII. 
What is meant by SQA? Discuss in detail SQA activities?

He can easily answer the question like
Discuss the importance of quality assurance?

But, observe the following university question in SE
Why is there often tension between a software engineering group and an independent Software quality assurance group? Is this healthy?

This question is given for 16 marks, the way of writing for this question is as follows
1) Define SQA (Software Quality Assurance) ==>1 Mark

2) Define Software Engineering ==>1 Mark

3) Explain the SQA activities ==>2 Marks

4) Explain SE activities ==>2 Marks

5) SQA vs. SE groups and compare both ==>2 Marks

6) Tension between and SE group and SQA group ==>6 Marks
* SE group concentrates on design issues and meeting requirements
* SQA group concentrates on standards
and quality factors
* SE group thinks about clients
* SQA group thinks about higher management who adopted standards
* Automatic mismatch between these two group and results for tension
* This tension reflects in efficiency,estimated time period, team management, affects requirements, cost factors etc.

7) Is this healthy? Better to write both pros and cons ==>2 Marks

8) Conclude your answer -

Remember if you write only first 5 points you will get 3 to 4 marks, even that score is also important. If you concentrate only on 6th point you will get marks between 6 and 8 (even it is main theme). Better to touch up all the points said above, so you will get marks between 10 and 14. Only thing to note is planning of answer is crucial.


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