JntuK 2-2 Cse/IT TextBooks (R10)

Download Jntu Kakinada CSE & It 2nd Year 2nd Sem TextBooks Of R10 From The Links Provided Below
1) Software Engineering
Software Engineering By Roger S.Pressman
Software Engineering ,8/e, *Sommerville
Software Engineering ,9th Edition, *Sommerville
2) Principles of Programming Languages
Programming Language Pragmatics by Michael Scott, Elsevier, Morgan Kaufmann
Concepts of Programming languages By Robert W.Sebesta
Programming languages By Watt
3) Object Oriented Programming through Java
Java: The complete reference By Herbert schildt
Java: How to Program By Dietal
4) Computer OrganizationComputer Systems Architecture – M.Moris Mano
5) Data Base Management Systems
DBMS By Raghu Ramakrishnan
DBMS Solution Manual For Raghu Ramakrishnan Text Book
DBMS By Korth
6) Formal Languages and Automata Theory
Introduction to Automata Theory Languages & Computation By Hopcroft, Ullman
Introduction to Theory of Computation By Sipser


Anonymous said...

the papers are not at all clear..
please give it clear...

Anonymous said...

can u upload JOHN D CARPINELLI FOR CO.......

Ra$hmitha Bubbles said...

most f dem r removed under violation terms!!
hate dis .... :(

Unknown said...

the links given are not working

Unknown said...

why don't u keep correct links.............?

Unknown said...

why don't u keep correct links like working....

Unknown said...

why don't u keep correct links like working...?

sudheer said...

can any one tell me the link to download " Computer System Organization and Architecture" by John D Carpinelli

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