Six Steps to Crack GRE

To get admission in one of the foreign university you have worked hard during your three years of graduation studies. However, do not let your struggle get wasted by not being able to deliver your best on the exam day. GRE is one such exam which is important to take admission in Post Graduate programmes in America and Canada. Here are some simple steps which will prove helpful for you to score high in your GRE.
1. The requisites of the GREFirst and most important step is to secure a date to take the exam. Try to schedule a date around six months from the start of your GRE preparation. To make the payment for the exam fee you require a credit card. If you attempt the exam only once it will cost you around Rs. 6000. Make sure that you get your seat reserved on time and according to your availability, it happens many times when students do not get a test date according to their wishes as the slots get full. The GRE exams are conducted five times a week in most of the major cities of the country. The minimum time gap to be maintained between two attempts is a month. Most universities take the higher score among your attempts, though some universities do consider the average score. The purpose of the GRE is to test a student's basic verbal and quantitative aptitude, along with his/her writing skills. The test requires a basic knowledge base of class 10th Mathematics and basic fluency in written English.
2. Format of the GRE exam
You will appear for a two-and-a- half hour long computerised test. The exam is divided into three different sections: Quantitative, Verbal and Essay. In this GRE paper except the essay section, all the questions are objective type, each question carry five options as answer choice. The total marks for the GRE exam are 600, and the essay section will be graded on a decimal grade of 6. Quantitative and Verbal section both carried 800 marks. Every post graduate discipline has its own section requirement of the score. If any student score a score of 1,400 or above it is considered as good score. An essay of grade of 5 or above is regarded as good score..
The GRE test is not an accurate and precise evaluation of your aptitude. This is because the exam has a little tricky format, which generally hampers a student to score well in the exam. It is always advised that one should be well informed and use it to your advantage.
3. Make your GRE strategyThe GRE is computer based exam. Always make sure that before moving to next question, the previous question has to be attempted. An attempt would mean that you click any of the available options from the choice and confirms the same before moving to next question. Once a question is attempted, you can not revert to it. So be sure about the question you attempt.
GRE exam is adaptive in nature. The first question you attempt in the GRE exam will be off average difficulty. Half the people attempting the GRE get it right, which is generally indicates that it is fairly simple.
If you click on the correct option, the next question on your screen will be bit more difficult. If you answer the first question of the exam wrong the next question will be easier. Once you attempt 7 to 10 questions, the computer fixes a difficulty level for you depending upon your answer in the previous questions. If you attempt more tough questions, your chances of getting high score will increase accordingly. The first question carries the maximum marks, followed closely by the second and then so on.
The first seven to ten questions are very important and decisive. Your section score in GRE will be decided by your performance in these questions. For example if you answer first eight questions correctly, your score will range between 700 to 800, which is maximum score. Therefore, take time to crack the first 7-10 questions, even if you miss out on five questions at the end. A good performance in the initial questions will help you to score good in the exam and increase the chances to score of 800.
4. GRE quantitative section
This section of the GRE exam carries 28 questions and has a time limit of 45 minutes. If you manage this section well, in this section your chances of scoring high will increase and you can score 750+ easily. Try to make sure that the first 10 questions you attempt in this section of GRE are correct. Spend more time over these questions, as they can really boost your score.
You will be provided blank sheet for calculation work. Use them rather than doing so mentally as that will consume more time. Question related to statistic and geometry, note that the figures drawn may not be to scale, so do not use them as reference. Read all the figures and units carefully- as they can mislead you. In algebra questions, verify all the answer choices. Do not just mark the answer choice you work out. It might be possible that while attempting the question you may neglect certain important point.
5. GRE verbal sectionThe time allotted for this section is 30 minutes with 30 questions. While answering this section concentrate on the reading comprehension passage. They are long and time consuming at times. Also scrolling up and down and reading a 1,500 word art passage is not easy task. So prepare well this section to score high.
In this section of GRE the easier question to handle are the antonyms, sentence completion and the analogies. To attempt this section you need to be well aware about the GRE word list of 3,500 words. While preparing for this section, consult the reference books to score high. Try to develop your reading speed. Maximum number of students taking the GRE find this section a bit lengthy. So take enough time to practice this section to develop a good speed.
6. GRE essay sectionFirst, do not under the false impression that a good GRE essay should flaunt your vocabulary. Neither should it turn out a masterpiece. They do not expect you to write like good author or a perfectionist in half an hour. Try to be grammatically correct and construct meaningful sentences rather than writing complex sentences. Make sure that you are clear and logical in your thought flow.


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