Effective Paper Presentation Tips To Secure First Prize

Its presentation time. we all now reached a condition where paper presentation certificates are very important than doing a perfect presentation, this attitude must be changed to perform well in any paper presentation.

Try to follow these simple tips so that u can definitely do a perfect presentation...,

These Tips Are The Experiences Of Several Students Those Who Got 1st prize In Paper Presentation In various universities,So We Are Placing here That May Help You Delivering A Perfect Seminar.

1) Selecting a topic for presentation:
This is the first and very important step before we proceed, selecting a topic for presentation,

It depends mainly on one thing "how much it is usefull for society or science".
so that it attracts others view.

It should be a topic of subject not a subject. many colleges give subject names as topics so we ppl think them as those are the topics we are restricted to, and search for a topic with exact subject name....

this is a useless thing, remeber evryone will do this, so there will nothing innovative in your paper if u do this...

then how to select a topic for paper?????

here we need to take help of our online friend GOOGLE,
now we need somethng new to present.
generally how we come to know about new things??????
ans ans ans.....

don't think a lot,
main source is NEWS media.

same thing we apply here also, to find new sciences or theories we need to browse news sites using google and find what are the sciences in development and what are related to our field and how much they are usefull for scociety.

but what we ppl generally do is follow the old sciences given by other ppl already, which find no use in these days, just they give u a certificate.

finally other sources for getting latest developments in sciences is science blogs, forums, journals. try to browse more using google.

after that u need to get information from google.... how?

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