Note to students about Online Examinations!

These days every B.Tech student has been encountered with some unanswered questions in their mind.They are
  • Which website should i prefer for online bits?
  • Will we get these bits in exam definitely?
  • Why should i prefer bits from
  • What is the difference between Strikingsoon and other sites? 
So, here are the answers for you guys...

  •   All the bits which are published by the certain site is not is own content. All the sites used to have the common set of bits which they publish on net with their own watermarks and logos.
  • Yes, you will definitely get the bits in exam. In some cases you may find lack of common bits that you have preferred before going to examination hall.
  • publishes bits with high quality. We doesn't mislead you by giving other bits rather than that they appear in the exams. Just compare our bits with bits from other sites. The main difference you will get through is other sites publishes the bits with their large watermark and logos which misleads the readers and may affect the concentration. But we are against it. What we need is satisfaction from students.
  • Yes, is completely a different site from others. As we maintain clear quality in bits without watermarks the file size will be decreased to half of the file size that are available in other sites. For eg: a file downloaded from other site has 2MB size where as it is available for 200KB in our site. This is the main advantage for the users who has slow internet connection.
Don't trust duplicate sites.There will be no use for crying of marks after the completion of your exam by reading bits from duplicate sites. 

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lbrce said...
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narasimha4u said...

sir, in jntukstrikingsoon site , the online bits of btech 3-2 is 2010 online bits.
Will we get these bits in exam definitely? said...

NaraSimha Check Once The Bits Are Updated With New Files . . . . ,i.e;2012 Files

avinash said...

what is the difference between slip bits and actually updated before bits

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