B.Tech 2,3 Years (I,II Sem)-Introduced Subjects Details : R10 Regulation

JNTUK wish to inform that the following subjects are introduced as audit courses in the B.Tech curriculum in II B.Tech I & II Sem and III B.Tech I & II Semesters with the following assessments.
1) The subjects need to be assessed internally for 25 marks and carry no external marks. 
2) Students shall have put up a minimum of 75% attendance in the subjects. 
3) The subjects carry no credits but have to obtain Satisfactory report based on the internal assessment for obtaining award of degree. The audit course details are as given below.

SubjectTPRemarks (Based on the internal assessment of 25 Marks
II Year I Semester
Professional Ethics and Morals - I2-Satisfactory /
Not Satisfactory
II Year II Semester
Professional Ethics and Morals – II2-Satisfactory /
Not Satisfactory
III Year I Semester
Intellectual Property Rights & Patents-I2-Satisfactory /
Not Satisfactory
III Year II Semester
Intellectual Property Rights & Patents-II2-Satisfactory /
Not Satisfactory
And also informed that the above Audit Course subjects are incorporated in the existing II B.Tech I & II Semester and III B.Tech I & II Semester from the academic year 2012-13.

These orders shall be applicable to the students admitted in B.Tech. Degree (Regular) Courses from the Academic Year 2012-13.

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aruna said...

please give external lab for Professional Ethics and morals. Otherwise they don`t learn anything from that subject. Please give credits also.

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