DO's And DONT's For Final Year B.Tech Students

Planning for future can be stress inducing especially for a student. However, college is the perfect time to try new things, discover what one likes and should determine what one wants to be in life. A student should realize what he/she wants to achieve in his/her life. A wide variety of options are available to be taken up after engineering such as pursuing higher studies, taking up a job or striving for Civil services or Engineering Services. Final year is the time to concentrate on placement activities, plan for the future studies taking exams like GATE, GRE, TOEFL etc.
P.S Avadhani, Placement Officer, AU College of Engineering, Visakhapatnam explains the importance of final year and do’s don’ts for a successful career

How important is, the final year when compared to the previous three years and how do the performance in final year will reflect in a future of student? 

The final year is very important for various reasons.
  1. That is the only year left out to clear backlogs (failed subjects, if any). If they are not cleared then they become supplementary candidates. Moreover, they loose one year
  2. This is the year they have to concentrate on their placement activities, plan for the future studies taking exams like GATE, GRE, TOEFL etc
  3. They have to complete their project work also.
  4. So they have to plan their time and accordingly work.
Basic difference between third year comparing to fourth year of engineering course Until third year, they have to write exams and pass. In fourth year, there will be project work also. More stress will be on that. Further, there will be other things, which are mentioned above like clearing backlogs, taking exams like GATE, GRE, TOEFL etc.

What kind of attitude the student should have in fourth year in engineering course? Students must try to inculcate the habit of working together, decide their career, try to learn the requisite latest technologies that are required for the placements and improve their communication skills. More than anything else, they need to know how to behave professionally with others.

How to plan the fourth year of engineering course (in career perspective)? Depending on their interest, they have to either appear for GATE, GRE etc or be regularly in touch with the placement office for the latest updates on placements. They have to browse the net for the placement offers also. Many students feel that it is the placement office job to provide them jobs but they have to remember that it is their career and they have to be proactive.

What should be the approach for campus placements? What are the key factors that play important role in this stage? Can backlogs affect campus placements?
  1. Identify the companies, which offer positions at the entry level, in their respective disciplines.
  2. Contact HR people and make sure that they know about the campus may be with help of brochures inviting them to the campus for any function etc and the achievements of the students. Here the services of the alumni of the institute play a vital role.
  3. The key factors are
i) Good knowledge of the fundamentals
ii) Good communication skills
iii) Pleasing manners

How to select a project work? What are the Do’s and Don’ts at the time of project work and to what extent can a student involve in a company concerned for project work?If any company offers a project work to the student then it is the best choice. If not, it is better to choose a project work on the latest technology.

A good workable solution on the chosen technology is sufficient. For example people using JAVA (for IT related projects) need to know what JAVA does and how the project is implemented in JAVA.

Most of the students, these days are copying the work from the previous project work, which is not correct. They may get through the exam but they will learn nothing about that technology which would result in no job.

Why final year project is important? How will it be beneficial to student’s career?It is very important for placements. It gives confidence to the student as well, apart from getting opportunity to work in the respective technology.

What are skills that student have to adopt/develop during this year in the view of job market?i) Good knowledge of the fundamentals
ii) Good communication skills
iii) Pleasing manners

How should students plan their future studies?This varies from person to person. If he/she is interested in going abroad, they have to plan according and prepare for GRE, GMAT etc and if they want to pursue in India then they have to appear for GATE. There is also another exam called PGECET conducted by the AP government.

Project work, GATE, campus placements…What should be the order of priority?Project work is compulsory in the final semester. It is independent of the other. If the student is interested in higher studies then it is better to appear for GATE. If he is interested in a job then he should opt for placements. In any case, it is not advisable to be free after his final year because he has to compete with his juniors as well along with his other contemporary students.

Tell us what are the alternatives for engineering students than GATE for higher education…GATE, CAT, GRE, GMAT, PGECET, certificate courses in specific interested areas

If a student is not placed in campus placement, how should he plan his career? How should he utilize the time?
Do some courses/learn latest technologies/ do some internship in any of the industries/ plan for the higher studies for the next year by appearing for GATE, CAT etc.

Do’s and Don’ts for the fourth year in Engineering?Dos:
  1. Do good project work
  2. Brush up your basics
  3. Improve you aptitude (all the placement exams will have an aptitude test to start with)
  4. Internet will be a very good source of information
  5. Check the companies’ job profiles for openings.
  6. Develop professional behavior like dress code, punctuality, pleasing manners, working as a group and develop academic leadership etc.
  7. Plan your time and have clarity about your career.
  1. Do not have backlogs
  2. Do not have strained relationships with your peers and teachers. Be in good looks of your teachers because they are the ones who have to give testimonials and other recommendations
  3. Do not indulge in any illegal activities (Any minor incident may totally ruin your future, however small it may be)
  4. Do not get attracted to other unworthy attractions (They distract your goals and leave you frustrated)
  5. Do not loose your confidence or faith in yourself (Every one will have some bad periods in their lives. A successful person is who will be brave to come out of those challenges and live up to the expectations.)


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o got a back in eighth semester. Now what to do?

Jojo said...

I got a backlog in eighth semester. Never had any backlog before.
Now what to do?

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